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    I can't find my sling box ID!


      It says:


      To locate your Slingbox ID:

      1. Launch SlingPlayer while you're at home, on your home  network.
      2. Connect to the Slingbox that you want to info about.

      3. Choose About [Slingbox name] from the  Help menu.
      4. The Preferences tab opens, and displays the  Slingbox ID in the Slingbox ID section.
      If for some reason the Preferences tab  doesn't contain the Slingbox ID info, click the Information tab. Your Slingbox ID is in the first  field, ID.
      You can write the Slingbox ID down, or you can  copy/paste it into a document. To do that, click the Slingbox ID so it  re-displays toward the bottom of the box. Select and copy it.
      I can't connect to the sling box because none show UP!  I'm setting it up for the first time and when you click ADD it asks for the ID, which is no where to be found.
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          Hi dpapag,


          It seems that you are having some issues trying to locate the Slingbox ID.


          According to the provided information, it seems that you are using the no longer supported SlingPlayer software version 2.0. I recommend you to stop using it and use the web-based application through www.slingbox.com.


          The following link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to know where to get the Slingbox ID, no matter which SlingPlayer version you are using:


          Locating your Slingbox ID


          Hope this helps.



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              I have not yet setup my slingbox, so there is no ID information to view using the link you provided. I can't find the slingbox on the network.  I've tried using the latest discovery methods, and it does't show up.  It's is pluged into channel 2 on my DAP 1522 wireless bridge.  My xbox is plugged into channel 1 of that bridge and it connects just fine.   I can FTP to my xbox from my PC that's attached to my DIR-615 router.   What is the default IP address of the slingbox?  My DCHP address range is -   I created a DCHP reservation for the slingbox using the mac address on the slingbox itself and the IP  Is that the mac address that I'm suppose to use?  Will that IP work or must the reservation be set to -, forcing me to change my DCHP range which I don't want to do because the DAP-1522 is in bridge mode with the static IP of and I don't want to have to go through the process of setting that up again using WPS.   I've reset the sling box Solo, and the network light and power light are both on and constant, indicating that it has received a new IP.   I've forwarded the ports using 5001 and the IP and it still can't find the slingbox.  I've unpluged both the router and the slingbox, for 30 sec, plugged them back in and still no luck.  My windows firewall and antivirus is off.  My router IP is subset mask  Please advise.  Upon resetting the slingbox, it should deault to with subset mask of and be picked up on the network though DCHP.


              EDIT: Changed the top of the range to, did another hard reset and my router found the slingbox and assigned it  Set it to renew that DCHP so that the IP never expires for it and forwarded the proper port.  I'm all set now, able to watch TV on my iphone and anywhere else on a PC that has an internet connection.  What a PITA to set this up.