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    Difference between Phone and Tablet versions


      I've had an Android phone for a while now, and just bought a Transformer Prime tablet.  To my surprise, the phone version of Slingplayer instaled and works just fine.


      So is there any advantage to buying the Tablet version?  I've only got a Slingbox Solo, so no HD streaming.

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          I just installed the Tablet version on my Motorola Xoom (already had Slingplayer for Phones), and I can tell you the picture quality is much more impressive.  Also, the new integrated Guide functionality is offers a much easier way to scan what's currently on and change channels.


          HOWEVER, the remote functionality for the tablet version is very limited as compared to the Slingplayer for Phones.  I can't change discs on my multi-disc player, and I can't bring up recorded shows on the DVR.  I have to open the Slingplayer for Phones to select a DVD or a show from the DVR list, and then close it and open the Slingplayer for Tablets.  Very annoying.  I posted on another category in this forum if you want to see my write-up.

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            bkilit77 Newbie

            For your notice Slingbox solo is capable of HD streaming.And yes the remote fuctionality is the only issue with the tablet version.Anybody has any solution to that??