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    New 121R Firmware update (& updating remotely)

    jamesmccourt Novice

      Today  the 121R Firmware was released for the HDS 600RS. My box did not show the update with a pop-up. instead I went to:


      Menu/Settings/Technical Info/Software Updates/via internet- to upgrade manually through the internet. DO NOT try to update via satellite as this won't work.


      I managed to do this remotely and after about 10 minutes my box was up and running again. The menu is definitely easier to read, recordings have a daily schedule and you can dim the lights on the front of the unit via HDS menu.


      I think it's worth the upgrade. More info here: http://www.myechostar.com/Support.aspx

        • Re: New 121R Firmware update (& updating remotely)

          just doing my update now - is there a list of know bug fix's in this firmware update and when can we have ITV player?!?!?!?!?!


          Also would someone be willing to recored ITV Jerrmy Kyle show in a morning, serise link it and tell me if after a couple of days, it still continues recording after the show has ended..... Mine still does it.... nasty bug.