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    Sending from my LR to BR


      Good Morning,


      Here is where I stand.  MY TV, router, cable box are in the Living Room.  My bedroom has a TV without a cable hook-up.  I bought a SlingBox HD Pro, SlingLINK  Turbo (multi port) and a SlingLINK Solo.  With this equipment what box goes where to send the cable in the Living room to the bedroom where I will be able to change the TV station from the bedroom with the cable box in the living room?  Thanks.  And yes I have read the forums and help pages and videos.  I cant seem to find where my situation fits to the help pages.

      -Peace- Gary

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          Hello garyefranklin,


          As I understand, you want to use a Slingbox PRO-HD and stream the content of your AV source on the living room to a TV connected on your bedroom.


          You will need to connect the Slingbox to the router and the cable box on the living room in order to install the Slingbox. Once that's done, you will be able to watch the Slingbox content on the TV using a SlingCatcher or the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices.


          You will only need SlingLinks if the router is not near the cable box.


          I hope this information answers your concerns.