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    Internal Tuner does not remember setting!


      I am trying to connect a Dish Network Receiver to the Coax input of a Slingbox Pro-HD.  The Dish receiver is set to channel 60.  When I configure the Pro-HD to channel 60, it does not remember the setting, but goes back to channel three when I close out of the setup assistant.  If I tell the setup assistant that I am connected to an antenna, it tells me that I have channel 60.  Unfortunately, that way I don't have a remote control.  Sling support tells me that I can only use channel 3 or 4, but the Dish Network receiver cannot be tuned to channel 3 or 4.  What now?  (Yes, I know there are other inputs on the sling, but they are in use, and the only device that can output on coax is the Dish receiver.)

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          I have now tested further.  It seems there is a BUG in the Pro-HD firmware (or the setup assistant).  If, in setting up the Coax input using setup assistant, you choose "External box (cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, etc.)," no matter what channel you select in the window that pops up, the Slingbox will be configured to channel 3.  You cannot select channel 4, 5, 21, 60, or any other channel and have it take effect.  This means that if the external box (such as the Dish Network receiver) cannot send its output on channel 3, it CANNOT BE CONNECTED TO THE COAX INPUT OF THE SLINGBOX!  I contacted Sling Support (after paying for support), and was told that they would report this problem, but that no assurances could be given that it would ever be fixed!


          Therefore, BEWARE!