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    Digital audio cable in/White/Red out?


      I have just purchase a new HD Slingbox. I had previous versions in the past. My question is, can I hook up  digital audio cable from the cable box to the Slingbox HD and a white and red audio out to the TV? I believe the TV is an earlier model without a digital audio in slot. If not, can I hook up both the digital audio cable in and the white/red in at the same time along with a red/white out and will the Slingbox on the other side be broadcasting in digital sound or SD?  Thank you.



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          Hi biffski,


          I understand that you have some questions about the audio connections on the back panel of your Slingbox PRO-HD.


          One of the main advantages of the Slingbox PRO-HD is that it allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time. This means that you can use either the analog audio cables (red and white) or the digital audio cable (orange) in order to connect two A/V sources.


          The following link will provide you with further details:


          PRO-HD analog and digital audio


          Hope this helps!