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    sb240-100 Plug in questions


      I guess im not sure what to do, it has RCA jacks on the back and I have comcast cable coming in, How do I get this changed from cable to rca? all switches I have found are cable in and out to TV and RCA input?


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          Hi rwcrazy,


          As I understand, you want to get further information about the connections on the back panel of your Slingbox AV.


          The Slingbox AV has only two inputs on its back panel: Composite input (Yellow) and the S-Video input. This means that these are the only options you have in order to connect the Slingbox AV to your cable box or DVR. 


          If you are getting the signal directly from the wall (coaxial cable), you will need to get the Slingbox Classic, the Slingbox TUNER, the Slingbox PRO or the Slingbox PRO-HD since these models have the coaxial input.


          The following link will provide you with further details about the connections on the back of the different Slingbox models:


          What can I connect to my Slingbox?


          Hope this helps!