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    Can't connect on Windows 7 laptop, error 0x92340011


      Not sure what's happened, but a few months ago my laptop stopped connecting to my Slingbox Solo.  It works neither at home nor remotely. I get the same error:
      0x92340011. I've looked on the forums and can't find an answer.


      My iMac and iPad at home are able to connect fine.  I've tried resetting the Slingbox and cycling power to the router and slingbox with no success.


      I have manually set up the slingbox for internet viewing on port 4999 and forwarded that port to the slingbox (I have a NAS that uses ports 5000 and 5001.)


      I have also tried Slingplayer and watch.slingbox.com.  Neither works.


      I am running a Fujitsu T5010 laptop, 2.24ghz dual core, 4gb ram, Windows 7 64 bit.  I have ESET NOD32 antivirus version 5 and Windows Firewall running.  Windows Firewall has an inbound exception for Slingplayer set up across all profiles (private, public, domain).


      Can anyone help?  Thinking it's probably an issue with the laptop or windows since the mac and ipad at home are able to connect.





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          And ... I think I've answered my own question, quickly after posting this.


          The problem seems to be with ESET NOD32 Antivirus.  The software has a protocol filtering feature which is blocking the stream.  You have to exclude SlingPlayer from the protocol filtering.


          To do this:


          1. Right click on the NOD32 Icon in the system tray.

          2. Click "Advanced Setup"

          3. Drop down "Web and email"

          4. Drop down "Protocol filtering"

          5. Click "Excluded applications"

          6.  SlingPlayer.exe should be listed. Click the checkbox beside it.