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    Replacement for my SlingCatcher in France


      I wanted to use a boxee but app doesn't appear in France in the apps section on a windows version.

      Or is there any alternative to use slingbox HD at home on a TV like with the slingcatcher  (it seems it's not sold anymore) .

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          Hey mcorbi - yes, you're right. The SlingCatcher is no longer sold, and SlingPlayer for Connected Devices is a perfect solution for those who want similar functionality or the ability to watch their Slingbox via an HDTV.


          But unfortunately, SPCD is only available in North America right now. We're working on bringing it to other areas of the globe, though, so please check back soon:


          SlingPlayer product pages



          Sling Support

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              I am considering purchasing a SlingBox for my home in Canada, but will not do so at all if I can sling my television to my vacation property in the States.


              The problem I have is that there is no formal statement of support by SlingBox.  The only thing other than this support post is an older statement in a FAQ page in the slingbox knowledge base that states that SlingPlayer for Connected Devices only works with US-based slingbox devices.


              So, does it currently work with any NA-based slingbox?  If so, I will go ahead with my purchase.  If not.. well, I'm not going to purchae one (and a WDTV Live) to perform a long-distance experiment.

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                  tcaradonna Novice

                  A work around I have heard about on these forums is buying a subscription to a VPN service in a country that offers these apps.  By accessing the VPN the add-on server will think you are located there and give you all the corresponding apps.


                  You may want to ask on a separate thread in case those in the know aren't seeing this one.

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                    OvCollyer Apprentice

                    I have a UK-based Slingbox Pro-HD and 350 and I am able to access both using the SPCD from either a UK-bought WDTV, UK-bought Sony NSZ-GS7 or US-bought Vizio Co-Star from Istanbul, Turkey. I also have another Pro-HD here in Istanbul and I can access this too via the same SPCDs on the same LAN, and presumably remotely too.


                    As far as I can tell, the Slingplayer is available globally on the WDTV (check WDTV's website) and if it's not visible on either of the Google TV boxes mentioned above (Sony and Vizio) by default then it can be added easily because its just a web link used by the built-in Chrome browser.


                    I'm not sure why they're stating that it's for US-based Slingboxes or for US based connected devices as I've found that it's simply not the case.