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    Slingbox pro HD connected to a PAL coaxial


      Hi, I have a sling turner connected in Argentina (PAL) and I'm located in the USA.  I decided to upgrade my turner for a PRO HD, but after I connected my box I only got audio.

      I don't get why a much expensive model is not capable of convert from PAL to NTSC, and the turner model did it.

      Is any chance to upgrade my slingbox pro HD trought a firmware update?

      I feel that I lost $300 bucks!!!, also I wanted that model to be able to watch Argentinean TV on my boxee box with the Slingbox app which is only compatible with the Pro HD model.

      I want to connect my pro HD using the coaxial input because I want to be able to change channels without disturbing the people who is watching tv.

      Any suggestions?