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    SB HD Video drops on both Macs at same time (but Audio still there and iPhone player fine)


      I am having an odd issue with my Slingbox HD and my iMac & Macbook Air.  I have been using my SB HD for years now with my Macs without issue.  Lately, both macs will lose video, while the audio comes through just fine.  This happened a month ago and  I went in and deleted my Slingbox Plugin, reinstalled, and they both worked properly again. 


      Today, they both went out again at the same time.  I deleted the SB Plugins, reinstalled, but still no video. 


      I have Slingbox player installed on my iphone, which has worked PERFECTLY all along.  I lose video on Macs, but not iphone, so I know its not the Slingbox hardware itself.




      Any ideas?