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    My video just goes blank (black) & all I'm left with is a hiss sound.


      So this is been happening for a long time. I have to have someone unplug the cable box's power cable and plug it back in everytime this happens. This happens at least once a week. It just happened today when I had the video in full screen and all I did was just typed in another channel # using my keypad. All I got was a black screen. I kept thinking it was my cable box since I can still see a guide if I press the guide button and I can still flip the channels. Now I'm thinking its more than the cable box. Anyone experiencing the same trouble that I'm? It's really frustrating when this happens while you're watching a game. I actually called my cable company and have them send a reset signal to my cable box couple of times and I got the picture back. Anyways I'm thinking about buying one of these lan controlled power strips if I can't find a solution.