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    Is there a way to skip seting up channel guide


      For some reason Slingbox have updated their software and it has totally screwed me up.  For the first two weeks that I have been away working on site I was unable to connect to the device at all.  Now I can connect, but it's forgotten my remote set up.  I can select the remote that I need, but now the software wants a zip-code to set up the program guide, and I can't find a way to skip that.  The Slingbox is in the UK, while I'm in the US for work.  Consequently I don't have a zip-code.  Anybody got any idea how to skip it.  It's not as if I use it when I'm in the UK.  The Virgin Tivo box has it's own program guide.


      This is incredibly frustrating, it's not even as if this info can't be stored as part of the account so that it auto-configures when there's an update.  Mindboggling stupid update procedures shouldn't stop a customer from using the product!  The entire point of the Slingbox is to allow access when you AREN'T at home!