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    Custom Remote for Prima PM-28RM




      I own a Slingbox Classic.  Recently, I got a Prima PM-28RM in Hong Kong as a digial receiver and also a DVR.  However, I can't use the IR remote control on the receiver because it is not supported.  I tried to use the custom remote control bin file of Prima PM-698 listed below, but it didn't work.




      Can someone upload a custom remote control for PM-28RM?



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          alanrichey42 Master

          You could start by reading the README file properly.  Particularly the bit that says "....If you have problems please do NOT just report back it 'doesn't work', th..."  

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              My mistake.  Here are the answers to the questions:


              > 1.   Was there any error message after you typed in the Code and tapped the Power button ?
              No.  However, the DVR simply didn't power off.


              > 2.   Did you give the Power command plenty of time to react ?  (I have a DVR that takes about 6-8 seconds to power up/down)


              > 3.   After completing the setup (regardless of whether the Power button worked) do any of the other buttons work ?
              No.  None of the buttons work.


              > 4.   Have you used a Digital Camera to confirm the IR Blaster is actually firing when you tap the Power button ?  (Watch the tip of the IR Blaster thorugh the viewfinder while you tap a button.  You should see a white (not red) flash)
              Yes.  I saw the red flash via a Digital Camera.


              > 5.   Have you experimented with the placement of the IR Blaster ?  On some devices this is critical so don't give up too quickly.
              No.  This is the first time I placed the IR blaster.  I located the IR receiver on the DVR box.  I then followed the instruction diagram, and put it like 1 cm next to the receiver.  I tried to put both IR blaster.


              > 6.   If nothing works check out http://betaremotes.slingbox.com where you might be able to build your own remote.
              I got "This slingbox does not support learning new remote controls" message.


              Thanks in advance,