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    Kbps fluctuations indicates what?  Pro-HD W202 W200 error!!%!


      My Pro HD slingbox has been having issues.  I get a W202 error followed by a W200 error.  Everything will be working fine then suddenly,the screen locks up and about 30 seconds later, W202!  When I try to reconnect I get a W200.  My slingbox lives in NYC at a connection of 30mbps download and 3.7 mbps upload.  I am confident it is a strong, stable connection.  Where I download my stream reads 40 mbps down with 3mbps upload.  I don't understuang the constant disconnection of my Slingbox and the subsequent W202-200 errors.  I watch my slingbox using the slingbox.com site, pop up player option.  I am on a new Mac running the latest Saffari.  I also use Chrome and experience the same issues.


      I have noticed the KBPS indicaton in the pop up player fluctulates druing my viewing.  It ranges from 3690kbps all the way to 90kbps, hitting 0 at times and disconnecting.  What is this a factor of?  Is this reading depent upon the upload speed or the download speed?  Is this a factor or the slingbox not keeping up with the HD stream?  Is there a way to solve this issue?  I have reset, power cycled and turned on/off eveyrthing about 100 times.  I have reset my sling.  Any thought would be really appreciated.  I'm about 3 days from coughing up the $50 "talk to us" fee...

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          I have noticd the very same with my windows 7 notebook and the web based player.


          Since the latest firmware update (2.1.350) in conjunction the connection keeps fluctuating up and down continously and finally the picture stutteres or freezes.


          I'm pretty upset that the performance of the Slingbox is getting worse with every firmware update. For me the firmware 2.1.90 worked almost perfect. Which experiences do you have?


          Attached to this thread you will find two screenshots of the network activity on the receiving side which show pretty well the problem. The screenshot from the 20.12.11 shows a perfect connection, the screenshot from the 19.01.12 shows the actual situation.