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    SlingPlayer on Boxee - Timing out and Cuts out


      I have a SlingBox with the latest updates setup on a network that has 25MBPS download and 6MBPS upload in the United States.


      I also have a BoxeeBox in Lima, Peru with the latest firmware updates and SlingPlayer installed on it. When I am watching on watch.slingbox.com; the speeds oscillate between 1500-2000 kbps, which is pretty good.


      But when I try to watch on BoxeeBox, the picture keeps on freezing, and the connection unexepectedly drops.


      The connection in Peru is 10MBPS download.


      I get really good quality on the computer, but on the boxee, it is unwatchable, it just stops playing anything. On the Boxee, the quality is set to Basic, so the lowest quality and even then it is not working.


      Please help with this problem. There is obviously no problem when running on the computer, so we know the speed is good and everything. It seems to be a bug on the BoxeeBox.