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    weak or no video signal detected


      I have a slingbox pro in USA and have it hooked up to scientific altlanta 8300HD with WOW cable service.  It has been working flawless for the last few months.  All the sudden the remote stopped working (I tried using the virtual remote on the computer as well as with my sling catcher).  During this time I had video and audio coming through I just couldnt control anything with the remote.


      I had my friend go through the factory reset process and now all the sudden we get the " weak or no video signal detected".  we have rechecked all the cables and retried the factory reset and keep getting the same thing.  also the virtual remote isnt doing anything.


      is there a way to check if i have a hardware issue with the slingbox?  or are there any other things I can do to try to root cause the issue?  i am at a loss right now..


      any help is appreciated!