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    streaming time limit


      On my new computer the slingplayer shuts down after 30 minutes is there some way to change this to continues streaming

      HHans Noyen

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          Hi appiehans,


          I understand the issue that you are having to stay connected to the Slingbox. I recommend you to test a different computer, just to confirm that the issue is not being caused by the Slingbox itself. If this only happens on the new computer; try to download a different browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. You also can try to reset the plugin on the browser, have a look at the steps here:


          Resetting the Watch on Slingbox.com plugins for Internet Explorer (ActiveX) and Firefox


          Hope this helps.



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              Thanks for your imput.

              To clearify:

              Sreaming stops after about  5 minutes.

              My box is in Luxembourg.

              Here  in Usa I stay 5 months.

              I use here ipad. old laptop, and a new one (only for use to slingplay to TV.

              All  3 worked fine with slingplayer till I had mmodem replaced in Luxembourg because of modem failure.

              Then streaming problem started.

              I contacted slingmedia by phone. have case number  00543520


              My computer  contact in Luxembourg has been working  with stingmedia specialist Wolfgang in Europe to solve problem.

              Latest : message showed  few days ago  Error  > W211.

              Tomorrow computer help in Luxembourg will  reset  slingbox   according slingbox error solution.

              Again thanks for your imput  and I keep you informed if it works out

              Best regards

              Hans Noyen