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    Needs Sling's Attention: Slingplayer for iPad - Upgrade

      Sling Team:
      https://community.sling.com/message/2596 was marked as "Assumed Answered". So, I would like to call your attention to that thread.
      Could we have some update ?

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          Hello Rampras - and thanks for using the Slingbox Answers Forum!


          Please see the latest reply on the thread in question:



          The pricing structure for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is unannounced. Discussing unannounced or unreleased products is against the House Rules.


          SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is still in development. All the current info we can provide on SPM for iPad is here (scroll to bottom of page):


          Slingbox PRO-HD FAQ


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              I've purchased Blackberry, and Windows Mobile code which is no longer used since I've changed devices.  I knew in advance that a new mobile platform would require a new purchase.  However, this is very different and Slingmedia's ambiguity was misleading and costly.


              A few weeks ago,  I purchased an application claimed by Slingmedia to be compatible for iPhone/iTouch/iPad.   However, during the setup, Slingmedia warned (pop up message) that it would not work properly and I should upgrade my Slingbox to the Slingbox Pro HD.  I made the new purchase.  Now, I'm reading that I may need to buy NEW iPad code.


              "We are working on a higher resolution update to SlingPlayer Mobile that will be a great user experience on the iPad." 


              This information was not provided when I made my purchases.


              Perhaps Slingmedia either should NOT have stated that the code was compatible for the iPad or should have disclosed that a new purchase would be required when the iPad code is offered.   From my perspective, an iPad specific version is only a code enhancement for iPad users who just purchased the product.


              The only alternative I see at this point is to have my recent purchase deactivated and perhaps have my Slingbox Pro HD returned. I'll contact customer support directly to handle this going forward since I totally understand why this would not be appropriate for Slingmedia to reply here.   I do think other customers should be aware of the complete situation so they can make an informed decision.   I wish I had this information 1 month ago.

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                Okay, maybe sling media & Apple should get on the same page of the playbook. http://support.slingbox.com/go/dl-spm-iphone Apple lists iPad under the hardware compats, so @ the very least sling needs something to be compatible or Apple needs to rewrite site. Please wake me when the nonsensical drama is over.

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                    eferz Expert

                    You guys are funny.  The SlingPlayer Mobile is cleanly listed as an iPhone app.

                    SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone runs on my iPad.  However, that's because of the iPad's compatibility to run most of the iPhone apps.  Granted it is not using the entire screen in 1x and 2x mode is quite pixilated.  Unless you see [+] symbol next to the price which signifies a "universal  app, that's what you should expect running an iPhone app on an iPad,

                    Sling is not the only ones to do this, you can look up "DLNA" in the iTunes App Store for instance.  You'll see the "PlugPlayer" in the iPhone category is $4.99, and it is compatible with iPad.  For quite a while there wasn't an iPad compliant app; however, recently added is the separate "PlugPlayer for iPad" app for $4.99 which is not compatible with the iPhone.  So, if you got the iPhone version it will run on your iPad but with the same oversampling in 2x mode or small in 1x.  And now if you get the "PlugPlayer for iPad" app it won't run on your iPhone.

                    There is also another DNLA app called iMedia Suite which is listed in both iPhone and iPad categories for $5.99, you can tell it's a Universal App because it has the [+] symbol.


                    There's no ambiguity or drama as to whether the current SlingPlayer Mobile in the iTunes Store is compatible, compliant, or inoperable.  The current SlingPlayer Mobile app in the iTunes App Store runs on the iPad.  It just doesn't take advantage of the full resolution but that's what we're all anxiously waiting for whether it's a separate  iPad app or a universal iPhone/iPad app.