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    Trying to understand Solo setup....


      Hi all,


      I've just bought a Slingbox Solo on ebay.


      I live in the United States but I've bought the Solo in the UK, with the aim that my brother (who lives in the UK) will hook it up to his Sky TV system and I can watch this output over here in the US.


      Ultimately we will want to watch our Slingbox here on a Sony Google/Internet TV which we've recently bought - I understand an App is being worked on for this at the moment. In the meantime we will watch via a laptop over here.


      But reading the initial setup document (which I don't find particularly clear)....can my brother do the initial setup on his computer in the UK. And I can then log in to it on my computer over here? What I mean is, I don't need to have the device I'm going to watch it on, in the same house as the Solo for the initial setup?




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          callanish Apprentice

          .......basically, your brother creates an account with slingmedia when he does the initial setup of the U.K slingbox. Usually, it will be an e-mail address and password. Once he's installed the slingbox, gone through the setup process, correctly setup his router for remote viewing, he'll be able to give you the sign in information for you to run the slingbox from the U.S using either your laptop or from the Google TV hardware. With the laptop, you'll just need to install a plugin for your browser to watch the stream. With the Sony Google TV, there is an app optimized for the logitech revue Google TV, but some have got it successfully working with Sony's Google TV setup. There's still some teething problems with the logitech revue app at this time though.