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    Help with Slingbox setup with veriozon router and Time capsule


      I would appreciate anyone's help who has successfully set this up. 


      Here is my setup:


      Verizon Fios router with Wifi turned OFF.

      Time Capsule set up in Bridge Mode.


      The internet works fine.  No issues there.  But i cannot get the slingbox to be recognized no matter what I do. 


      I did have this working in the past, but my settings were lost.


      I believe I need to do port mapping but I am not sure how to do this. 


      With the TC in bridge mode, there is no option to port map.  If I set it to 'share an ip address' this option is present.  Most posts seem to indicate that the TC should be in bridge mode with the Verizon router so the Verizon router can distribute IP address'.



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          Hi docal97, If you would like to keep the Slingbox in connected to the Time Capsule set up in Bridge mode I suggest you do the following:


          -Connect the Slingbox directly to the router without the Time Capsule (you only need the Slingbox with the power cable and ethernet cable).

          -Hard Reset the Singbox.

          -Go to Setup.slingbox.com and make sure that you can connect to the Slingbox from there.

          -If you were able to connect to the Slingbox try now to connect the Slingbox to the Time Capsule and run the set up.

          -If you have issues connecting to the Slingbox while is connected to the Time Capsule, I suggest you make sure that the Time Capsule is properly connected to the router or set it up using the option "Share Public IP Address".