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    Pre-Purchase Question


      I haven't bought the Pro HD box yet, but have a question I can't seem to find an answer to.  After installation, when I watch remotely, can I view a different channel then the one on the cable set top box is on?  If I change the channel, will the set top box at home change too?



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          Hi pszypko,


          I understand that you want to confirm how the Slingbox PRO-HD works, if you are going to be able to have different channels when you are connected to the Slingbox and at home using a TV. You have two options to do this:


          1. You can connect the Slingbox to a dual tuner device like a DVR; at home the TV will be controlled using RF (ratio frequency) and the Slingbox will always work with IR (Infrared). In this way, you can have different channels at home and the Slingbox


          2. Using a coaxial splitter on the signal coming from the wall; one end will be used for the Slingbox and the other to the Set-Top box.


          Have a look at this thread, you will find more information about this:


          Using Built-in Turner on PRO-HD?


          Hope this helps.