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    Streaming Video from PC


      Just a simple question, is SlingBox able to use my PC (on the Home Network) to steam Video's from it?.


      I understand that is it compatible in streaming video from all the usual video input sources, but what about having the PC as the video input source.


      I.e. Can it do what a PS3 or Xbox does in terms of allowing us to open and streams audio/video files from the local network onto the TV.


      So Rather than for example watching something from DVD->SlingBox->PC, I am instersted in PC->SlingBox->TV


      On the website it says it can talk to Windows Media Center, which tells me it can use PC the video source, am I right in making this assumption?


      This way I want to have the Home Network all connected up, so it will be a two way streaming on my Internal Network. This way other TV's and PC's can share their content with one another.


      Any experience or help on this topic is appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance


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          Hi Heroes, you can connect any video source to the Slingbox and stream that video to a PC, example Video Source > Slingbox > PC, if you would like to stream video from to a TV we suggest you check our Slingplayer for Connected Devices that will stream the video that comes from the Slingbox to a TV, so it would be like this: Video Source > Slingbox > Slingplayer for Connected Devices = TV.


          You can connect the Slingbox to a PC with Windows Media Center as long as the PC has compatible video outputs like those in the Slingbox, also the computer with media center must have an IR remote control otherwise the Slingplayer software won't be able to control the computer, below you can see the tech specs for the Slingbox SOLO.


          Slingbox SOLO Tech Specs.