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    Clear button on remote


      I have Comcast and TIVO.  We frequently have emegency banners placed by Comcast.  The only way to remove the banner is to press the clear button.

      The channel cannot be changed as long as the banner is running.  The Clear button on my Slingbox Tivo remote will not clear the banner.  Is there a remedy for this?   Thanks!

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          No.  This is a huge problem for me.  Why do I get no assistance from you? 

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            Hi sfsapp,


            It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer application since you are not able to access the TiVo "Clear" button due to a Comcast banner.


            Do you have to press it just once or do you have to press and hold down in order to get it in action?


            Besides,I recommend you to contact Comcast in order to try to find a solution for this issue. Since the banner is generated by Comcast and their advertising, it is not possible for the SlingPlayer remote to get rid of it. Finally, keep in mind that the Slingbox virtual remote control does not handle the "press & hold" feature on any of the virtual keys.



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              I am also a Tivo remote user with Comcast as provider and I have the same problem. When Comcast posts a "weather Alert" or other band accross the screen it prevents you from changing channels until you "clear" the banner by pushing the CLEAR BUTTON found on standard TIVO remote controls.The remotes in SlingPlayer Apps do not have a clear button ( that I can find) and are therefore usefless when this situation occurs.We need to fnd some combination of existing controls to push to effect a "CLEAR" command. Can anyone help?


              The contributor above suggest contacting comcast but that seems the wrong way to go. The tivo remote has a clear button. The designer of SLINGPLAYER has left it out. Why would comcast be concerned? It's the Sling Player software that needs to have the fuction added to it. Seems Slingplayer is the proper entity to solve the problem