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    iPhone Slingplayer capped at 3032 kbps, wrong Airplay aspect ratio.




      2 bugs that maybe a Sling employee can help with.


      1- I find that the iPhone version of Slingplayer over Wifi is capped at 3032 kbps. I have even unplugged my internet connection to be sure that it wasn't going out to the internet and I even created a seperate Slingbox with direct connection in my directory. Why is this limitation in place?


      2- When I use Airplay to output to my AppleTVs, the aspect ratio is not right. I can change it on my phone to whatever I want, and it doesn't change on the AppleTV. In fact, it's wrong no matter what. It always appears the way an anamorphic movie would play, with thick bars at the top and bottom and an image that is vertically squished/compressed. This doesn't matter if I am on component input or antenna. Always the same result.


      Not sure if I should file bug reports (where?), or if there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing. I'm a new Sling user, so I'm hoping it's the latter.

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          Hi Urby,


          It seems that you have some questions about the iPhone streaming rate and the Airplay aspect ratio.


          First, we recommend you to check your settings on order to determine if you are using Auto or High Quality. You can also use the Speedtest App (available through the App Store) in order to test the throughput. Besides, make sure that you are not trying AirPlay Mirroring when you are trying to test your network speed. Using AirPlay will affect the network speed, so make the test while just using standard streaming.


          Regarding the AirPlay request, I recommend you to check the following video:


          How to use SlingPlayer with AirPlay Mirroring

          There is a distinction between AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring. It's not always a reliable aspect ratio, but if you follow those steps, it should get you the results you want. If that doesn't work, another option is to select Guide when viewing over AirPlay Mirroring, then switch back to streaming.


          Hope this helps.



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            Exactly the same problem.  More details.  Can get near-HD quality to a PC on a local network (data rates ~8Mbps) and even over fast internet  (data rates ~5Mbps).  Looks great full screen on 24" PC display.


            BUT, on iPhone 4 on local WiFi-n network, quality drops substantially below HD, to SD or lower.  Can't see what the data rates are on iPhone.  Tried "auto and "HD" quality--no difference.


            Then tried to Air Play (no need to AirPlay Mirroring--I just want the stream **** ike how Movies stream with iOS).  Aspect ratio is distorted, and quality is terrible to 50" display.  Like VHS.


            So SlingPlayer on iPhone (and presumably iPad) are definitely not working well.  Too medicore to use as is.


            And by comparison, I can stream great HD video to same iPhone 4 over same network with AirPlayIt.  Data rates ~5Mbps.  Also AirPlays in near perfect HD quality with no aspect distortion to same 50" TV.  So the issue isn't the network or the iPhone.  It's SlingPlayer.


            Let us know plans to fix.  Will be a HUGE win for Slingbox.