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    Recording clash (in 'single tuner mode')

    jamesmccourt Novice



      I recently performed a factory reset on my HDS 600RS and now it is not automatically changing channels to begin a scheduled recording. It now says both tuners are in use and there's a 'recording clash'.


      Could it be that I didn't specify 'single tuner mode' properly during the factory reset? Would this make the HDS think that tuner 1 was constantly recording?





        • Re: Recording clash (in 'single tuner mode')

          Hi jamesmccourt,


          It seems that you want to know how to make the required adjustments in order to begin a scheduled recording.


          The HDS-600RS can record two channels simultaneously or watch one channel while recording another. It is designed to use two satellite LNB inputs. It will operate with a single input but many of the advanced features as described above will not be available.


          You can check your "tuner mode" under Menu/Settings/Technical Info/Signals & Network Info/tuner mode.


          Please be aware that you can only make this setting once. If you need to change the "tuner mode" you have to perform a factory reset Menu/Settings/Factory reset.


          Hope this helps.