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    red sling box pro does not receive internet connection


      i just bough a slim box player ... wen i got home i connect it to the cable box and i plug it it the red light to tell me the box is on work but wen i plug in the ethernet cable the light wont come on at all. i have the router in another room from the box i choose to use a wireless gaming adapter that i use with my ps3 but still the ethernet light wont go on, i thought that the adapter does not work with the box so i brough the box to the  room with the router but when i plug in the ethernet cable it wont turn on still and sometimes when i unplug it and plug it in again it blinks 3 or 2 times and wont turn back on again so i dont know if the box does not work or i am doing something wrong on the connections or what can be.????? .. and another question i have the iphone 4s would this box work with the iphone..????