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    Slingbox app for HP touchpad


      I got a HP touchpad for Christmas it works great but was very surprised to see that sling media did not have a app for it.

      Everything that I read on the net says that are a lot of touchpads out there and HP has open sourced webOS.

      Please create a app or browser support.

      I am new to sling and like my slingbox very much so please make a app or browser support.......

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          Good luck on your request.  Sling has been silent on an app for Webos, even though they announced it in 2010.  From what the forums are saying, Sling has essentially abandoned WEBOS, the last official statement I saw from Sling, in this forum was a statement that they would not be releasing a player for webos as HP has stopped supporting it.


          Alas, WebOS was not discontinued by HP at the time of the Statement only the TouchPad.  But Sling took it upon themselves in stating that HP had killed WebOS.  As you probably know, HP has since announced thier  intention to make WebOS open source and begun the transition to an Open Source environment.  Mind you, they still indicate that they will be the guiding and governing body for WebOS.  So they have NOT announced the sunsetting of WebOS, just moved it into a different support model.


          The only thing we TouchPad and WebOS lovers can do to get an official Player for WEBOS is to bombard SlingMedia with requests.


          No with the development of Android Jailbreaks for the Touchpad we will ultimately be able to get Slingplayer on our tablets.  But alas, then we would have to move to an inferior OS.  As I think WebOS outshines Android ten fold in every way execpt app support from folks like Sling Media.


          You can also voice your disgruntlness on their facebook page.



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            Hi ballen9114,


            It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox will support the WebOS and related devices.


            At this moment the Slingbox or the SlingPlayer application (on any of its versions) are not providing support for the WebOS and any related device. We do not know if it will be supported in the near future. We can only encourage you to keep on checking our web site at www.slingbox.com for further details.



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              We need slingbox for the HP touchpad PLEEZE!!!!!