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    iPad app - which button is the "TiVo button"


      I just got the iPad app and it works great but I have a TiVo and I have all the buttons except I can't

      find the TiVo button to get in and out of the list of recorded shows and settings. Is there one that

      Works for that?

        • Re: iPad app - which button is the "TiVo button"

          Hi smeade,


          I understand that you are not able to get some of the buttons you usually get on your TiVo when running the SlingPlayer for iPad.


          First, I recommend you to verify if your TiVo model is included on the supported devices list. The following link will allow you to get this information:


          Finding your video source


          If it is not, that means that some of the feature might not be available.  Finally, keep in mind that the SlingPlayer for iPad does not offer the virtual remote control skin feature as other supported Mobile devices.


          Hope this helps.