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    Sling player remote not shown right


      I have slingbox hd and was using sling player mobile on phone and table (motorola Xoom) but always wanted remote like I would get on laptop (I find it strange that laptop software is free, then 30$ for mobile and another 30$ for tablet, but that's another topic). I have everything set up in my account which is why I get right remote and guide on laptop, but on new slingplayer tablet, I get cheap generic remote? I looked to find another setup for this but can't find it anywhere. If I can't have my remote, what's the point of the extra 30$!!! Also if tablet app would also make use of rotating screen so when we watch with table plugged in we could turn screen...

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          Hi PLEMAIRE,


          I understand that the virtual remote control skin you get on the SlingPlayer for Android tablets (Xoom) does not look like the physical one you use.


          First, I recommend you to verify if the cable box or DVR you use is included on the supported devices list. This is the link to check:


          Finding your video source


          If it is included, I encourage you to run one more time the A/V setup. This way, you should be able to get the right remote control skin. If it is not included, you will not be able to get the right remote skin, therefore you will get a generic remote control skin. Finally, the rotating screen is a feature that is not available for this specific application.


          Hope this helps.