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    Pop Up Player won't start using Safari


      I just upgraded to the latest SlingPlayer web plug-in for Mac.


      I am finding that it works better than the previous plug-in version with Firefox, but I am having problems with Safari.


      With Firefox, I can _finally_ get full-screen video to display in my secondary monitor (I can choose which monitor it displays on). THANK YOU! All I need to do is position the window on the monitor I want to use in full-screen mode. With Safari, it will only display on my primary monitor, no matter where the window is positioned.


      After I first installed the plug-in, I was able to get the Pop Up Player to start in Firefox. I have not been able to start in in Safari, not even one time. After working with it for a few minutes, now I can't get it to start in Firefox, either.


      I'm using a Mac Pro with Mac OS X 10.6.8. Safari is 5.1.2 and Firefox is 7.0.1 (I would like to install a newer version of Firefox but I'm waiting only because of SlingPlayer plug-in being incompatible). My SlingBox is a PRO-HD.