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    Slingbox Pro HD Channel Changing


      I am trying to control channels independently from the TV at home. I have ths Slingbox Pro HD and an IPAD 2 with Sling Player app. When I change the channels on my IPAD the TV at home changes as well. I thought with the Slingbox Pro HD, you were suppose to be able to change the none HD channels (<100) independently of the the home TV.


      Any suggestions on what I need to do to correct this?

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          Hi Djuofc, if you are connecting your Slingbox to a Cablebox for example you won't be able to control it without affect your TV, this happens because a Cablebox has a single tuner, to be able to watch the TV and watch something different in the Slingbox you will need to have a Dual Tuner receiver with multiple outputs.


          You can contact you TV service provider and ask them for a dual tuner receiver, the link below can help you find out if the model that they offer you is supported in the Slingbox.


          Help finding your video source in the Slingbox Setup Assistant