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    Stuck on Step 1 - check for plug ins


      I am stuck on step 1 - looking for plug ins.  This hangs permanently and will not complete the download.  Any ideas?

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          I just got my slingbox today and I am stuck on the same step. Mine just sits forever. There is not cursot and only a cross cursor. Im running Windows 7 and did all the updates. I'm stuck. did you get your's figured out? any assistance is appreciated! :-)

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              ArizonaSackbut Apprentice



              If you're getting stuck trying to download/install the browser plugin so you can use the Web player, keep an eye out for security blockage from your browser, OS or Antivirus software.  The plugin typically requires explicit permission to install successfully, and the notice might be obscure or silent depending on your software and settings.


              As an alternative while you're trying to figure it out, give the full Player version a shot:


              Mac Player      WinPlayer 2.0.4


              It doesn't depend on the browser plugin.


              Hope this helps,


              - Az