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    Slingbox in US, Computer I need to run it on in China


      Is it possible to configure my computer remotely to run from my slingbox in the US?  We had a friend set us up at our home in Massachusetts, and I am trying to get it to play on my laptop in Shanghai -- but since I did not run set up on the same router as my home in MA, it is not working.  Can it be done at all?  Really in frustration land here.

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          Hi weldredge,


          I noticed that you want to be able to run the setup on your computer remotely. It's not possible to run the Setup at slinbox.com if you are not at the Slingbox location; this doesn't mean that you have to use the same computer for the setup. I recommend you to contact your friend in MA; this person needs to run the Setup at slinbox.com using your Sling Account information (email address and password); after doing this, the Slingbox will be completely setup for local and remote viewing. Then, you just need to access Watch at Slingbox.com from China, log in and the Slingbox will be listed in your account and you will be able to connect from anywhere.


          Let us know how that works.