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    Why can't I connect on my network


      Hello.  I use the slingbox over a few computers in my home on my home network.  On all but one of my computers I can watch through the slingbox.com interface.  On the problematic computer, viewing through slingplayer works but viewing through slingbox.com does not.  I have rebooted the router, reset the slingbox, reinstalled the add-on on the problematic computer, tried firefox and IE. The odd thing is the box is viewable on the setup directory on slingbox.com and shows local network available, but then when I select it pauses and then says there was an error connecting to your slingbox.  Please try again.  Yet as I said, on same computer I can connect via slingplayer software.

      Viewing outside of my network over my iphone seems to work, as do other computers.  The only difference I can think of is the problematic computer is on my wired network, the remainder connect wirelessly.


      The obvious fix is just use the slingplayer software, but I'd prefer to get slingbox.com working.