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    Remote Viewing 'No'

    jamesmccourt Novice



      When I look on the 'settings' tab of my HDS 600RS it says 'remote viewing:  no' even though I am able to watch the HDS remotely just fine.


      On my iPhone ap it also says to 'turn on remote viewing to experience better quality viewing' (or something to that effect).


      Do I need to change a setting on the HDS and how is this done? What benefits will I notice?





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          Hi jamesmccourt,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the remote connection to your HDS 600RS while using the SlingPlayer for iPhone application.


          Even though you are able to get the remote connection with your computer, you'll need to adjust some other settings on the router before you can get the remote connection on your iPhone application.


          Just make sure to run the Manual Setup configuration using the same information as you did before.


          Hope this helps.



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              jamesmccourt Novice

              Hi there,


              I can actually use my iPhone SlingPlayer just fine. It is just that on the 'watch' page of Slingbox website, under 'options' it says 'Remote Viewing     No'


              What does that mean?





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                  I am having this same problem. Except, I am not able to watch my Slinbox outside my local area network via wifi or 3G. And advice on how to change this setting to say "Yes?" Have gone through, many, many times the setups, both manual and auto, and there seems to not be a way to do this. Please advise. Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 12.20.04 PM.png

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                      jamesmccourt Novice

                      Mine is exactly the same as yours and on my iPhone Slingplayer a note occasionally appears to say I might have a better remote viewing experience if I configure my SlingBox for remote viewing.


                      As you point out there doesn't seem to be a way to turn the 'no' to a 'yes'.



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                  I had a **** of a time setting up my HDS-600 for viewing across the internet.


                  There is a Slingbox setup wizzard you go through when first registering on this website.

                  If you have previously managed to set up remote viewing whilst on you LAN, then this wizzard does not show up when you try to connect!. It's this wizzard that tries to set up your router for port forwarding.


                  First thing first, MANUALLY set your router for port forwarding.  You will have to fix the IP address of your HDS-600, and then forward port 5101.

                  NOTE Port 5101, and NOT 5001 which the wizzard tried to set for me!


                  Then try to 'Watch' through this website from a web connection external to your LAN.  I am fortunate enough to have a 3G mobile internet connection from T-Mobile, so I could test from the comfort of my livingroom.  When you get to the web page where it tries to find your Slingbox, ignore the IP address boxes and search for the player using the Dlingbox ID - thats the really long HEX number shown in your screen-grab.


                  After that - Finally, I was able and am still able to connect from the internet - Here in the UK or over in USA.


                  I am not a computer novice, so I have to say they haven't made this process easy!



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                      jamesmccourt Novice

                      I will totally agree in so much as the HDS 600RS is stuck between two companies who are frustratingly part of the same organization.


                      The Slingplayer on Facebook, Boxee and Logitech show 'incompatible device' when using the HDS, despite this being the very latest and most advanced Slingbox. I managed to get my SlingCatcher to work with the HDS but had to manually set up my home router and allocate the colored buttons on the Catcher remote by trial and error.


                      I'm sure in a year or so this integration of the two companies may have streamlined the set up and support for the HDS but for now it's VERY fragmented.


                      A shame. The product is great but the actual set up, service offered and support is very confusing.



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                      Good morning, I have purchased an Echostar HDS-600RS and have the initial and in house network set up working fine no issues. However when I come to try in using my IPAD (purchased the Iphone App as stated and not the IPAD one) I cannot get the IPAD to find the Echostar. I had followed all of the WEB information and realised I need to change my port settings on my router to what I thought and had see to 5001 but I see from your posting it is not that one.

                      This is certainly not a straight forward process and still do not have it working, I will try changing the port number over tonight but could Echostar supply a step by step guide to get everything up and running especially as the devise is sold based on easy connectivity acoross devises either in the home network or outside.

                      Any help would be appreciated.