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    Why do some channels come in snowy/fuzzy?


      Dear Slingbox users,


      I am on my second PRO-HD and find that it has a problem similar to my first PRO-HD:  While most channels come in clear, a few come in snowy/fuzzy.


      My PRO-HD is installed in my home in Las Vegas and is streaming COX tv. http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/lasvegas/watch/entertainment/tv-listings.cox


      As mentioned, both my old and new PRO-HD cause the same channels to be snowy; those channels are:


      WGNAMER, 16

      MSNBC, 19

      IONSATP, 51

      AMC, 52

      TRU, 54

      HGTVP, 55

      Comedy Central, 56

      CMT, 57

      Animal Planet, 58

      ABC, 59


      Other channels 2 thru 100's come in clear.


      It appears that Slingbox PRO-HD has difficulties in maintaining the quality of certain channels (frequencies).


      The problem occurs regardless of my location in relation to the Slingbox (in the same room or overseas).  My internet speed on both ends is at least 25Mbps.  The cable TV where the Slingbox is installed provides a perfect picture for all channels when viewed from the TV.   All cables have been replaced with new cables.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks for your support,