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    Unique Issue-I think a neighbor swiped my SLING ID how to stop?


      Hi I have had my slingbox HD for several years since they came out. I didnt have any problems until one day I noticed a sling solo (red box) was broadcasting near my home.  There was no problem until one day. I couldnt connect and I noticed it kept asking me for a different sling name. I had to hard reset to get rid of the other password and ID.  It worked temp,  but now I have to reset my slingbox everytime I want to use it because the other person's ID is usually attached, and its just aggrevating.

      I suspect this neighbor has my slingID, since I bought it years ago, I dont think there was much network security & initially I was using the software slingplayer (standalone), but now you have to use the internet, but now this person has my ID.  If i leave my network off, but am not home. I notice it goes back to this ACC45043's Slingbox  name <== which is not  mine.  I am sure this my slind ID I had it written down since day one. ONe night me and the other user battled back and forth. he kept swiping my sling and I keep doing hard resets and taking it back, he must have gotten my password too, so i changed that  I was so mad that time I disconnected for 3 months, but they probably go back to their own slingID.  it happens mosty when i'm not home and my network is off and the sling is idle.  I'll come home and see that it is hijaked again.   I dont know how this person can do it. but like I said I have a hard time watching my slingbox, since I almost always have to hard reset it everytime I want to watch it. 


      If thers sling people reading, is there anyway you can check the ID if I gave it to you against the account name given and find out. WHO it is, so we can ask them to STOP. My guess its deliberate, or they are using my ID# dont know theres and we keep crossing slings. Or is there any way I can get a new slind ID # so i can lock it down? p.s. I have a home network mac secured, with PCs & macs connected. HD sling is downstairs, slink links attached to network & router upstairs and i usualy sling wireless. I was worried when I bought my Sling that their might be an unsecured issue with them, I wonder if this is how my sling was hijacked.


      any advice out there?  Im watching it now, hard reset and re programmed, but im sure tomorrow will be another story.



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          forgot to mention any adivce, email me  hspcauspnc yahoo 

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              BrandonC Novice

              ACC450153 wrote:


              forgot to mention any adivce, email me  hspcauspnc yahoo 


              I was going to reply with some advice and saw that you wanted an email response instead of you coming back here to look. I am not going to bother with that.


              There is a way to find out what IP address is connected to your Slingbox whenever it is streaming and even some times see who streamed last.

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                  1) make sure wifi is encriped not open

                  2) dont use easy passwords (IE) your name,address, bd, god, love  make sure its more 8 numbers and letters if not more

                  3) make sure your system has no virus

                  throw i not lawer this is not leagle hacking a pc in any way is not leagle if u have proof u can file charges,


                  think more reasonable is one you got open network or two u got virus . also u want be carefull u need facks.

                  need proof. if u got wifi u get there ip adress from dhcp part of the router,

                  this also may contain there mac address this would be proof enouf.

                  hope this helps

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  If you are able to set a new login ID and password for your SB, and they still seem to be compromised within a few days, then I would suspect that there is a keylogger of some sort that has been installed surreptitiously on your computer.   So perhaps you first need to do a thorough test of your computer for viruses and the like, by booting up in safe mode and NOT connected to the internet.   And once you can confirm that your machine is clean, then do the reconfiguration of your login ID and password.


                  And if that still doesn't work, then perhaps do the login to your SB account and change the login ID and password from some OTHER computer that would be unlikely to be compromised, such as a computer owned and operated by your local library.