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    Need short cuts!

    rack Newbie

      Using Boxee Box with Humax recorders in the UK. 


      Please tell me there are short cuts. 


      For example, to bring up the recorders menu, with a conventional remote control, you press MENU.  Or GUIDE.  Or four coloured buttons.


      With boxee Box you click Space Bar, Misc, down two clicks, and find the correct buttons. 


      To playback recordings, it is even worse ... to right clicks on the middle of the sceen dots, then bottom bar 5 clicks to the right.


      How do we even access the four coloured buttons?


      I realise the hand held remote control that comes with Boxee is not designed as a dedicated set top box remote control, rather a generic piece of platic, but all these click are FAR TOO MANY, therefore SLOW; pity as the rest of the implementation seems pretty good!