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    Powerline Ethernet Bridge Issue


      I have a pair of SlingLink Powerline Ethernet Bridge wall plugs and can't seem to make them work. Hopefully someone has a little insight for me. According to the manual I should connect the bridge to my router LAN port using a  cross over CAT 5 cable and run the SL100-100 Configuration Utility but when I run the Utility I get an error stating "Your powerline hardware is not compatible with the PowerPacket configuration utility. Please check the users manual for a list of compatible hardware"


      I've also tried with a straight through CAT 5 cable, same result. I've tried connecting the bridge directly to a PC and again the same result. My router / modem is an Actiontec model V1000H provided by Telus. I'd be more than happy to provide any further info in order to troubleshoot this problem.



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Most homes have two "phases" of AC power.   It is my understanding that the two Slinglinks must BOTH be plugged into outlets that are on the same electric phase.  This may not be easy to determine unless you are a skilled electrician, as it involves examing the circuitry inside your electrical junction box -- and those high voltages can be very dangerous to life and limb.   May be best to first get a qualified electrician to tell you which wall outlets in your residence are on "Phase A" and which are on "Phase B", then verify that the two you plug your Slinglings in to are both on the same phase.