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    A new slingbox solo, but why cant i connect it?


      Just started installing a new slingbox solo (my first)

      using that easy step-by-step-guide in slingplayer.


      so far.. everything works like a charm, ive connected it to by digitalbox, and im able to turn the power off/on using the "test-option"


      but one problem has occured..


      i CANT connect it to my router.. where it says "login with your username/password to your router", i try, and try, and try..

      im 110% sure im using the correct logins for my router - but still i get the "error wrong username/password" etc.


      is this a known problem with slingbox solo?


      ive even tried to call my ISP, reseting my broadbandrouter to standard-settings - but still im not able to "login".


      tried to logon to the router thru "www", and when i try to login with my username/password there - its no problem!


      oh yes, im also using a usb-switch between my computer/ps3/dreambox/slingplayer - and my broadbandrouter.


      dont know, nor think that should be an issue though? all it does is to split up the signal so that i can have many computers/equipment connected!


      please help.. i would be greatfull!