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    Custom Remote channel selection problem


      I followed the instructions and configured a custom remote control. I tested all the buttons, I had to re-program several before I got them all right. Then I used the remote. Everything worked until I tried to change to channel 428. My cable box switched to channel 4, and then channel 2 and then channel 8. I tried the channel selection configuration, including advanced, in the input setup. Everything was the same as the standard remote for my cable box. With the standard remote, Comcast DCT6412, the channel numbers work correctly. I can go to channel 428.


      You might ask why am I doing a custom remote when one already exists for my device. The standard Comcast remote lacks several functions that the box supports. I did the custom one to include those missing functions. It worked but now I can't change the channel beyond a single digit with out paging through the guide.


      Any idea where I went wrong or how to fix it?



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          I ran some tests and believe I know the problem but there is no way for me fix it. The DCT6412 requires the each digit in the channel number to be entered with in about 2 seconds of the last one. I changed the DCT6412 setup to not change the channel until it gets all three digits. Unfortunitely, with my custom remote after it sees the first digit if it does not see another digit within this 2 second window it just clears the entry.  You can't change the channel unless you get 3 digits input with no more than 2 seconds between the digits. If I change the DCT6412 setup back to not require the 3 digits then it just takes whatever is input after the 2 second timeout. In this cast I always get the single digit input and the box switches channels 3 times for a 3 digit input. I can enter the digits as fast as I can on the custom remote but they still don't get sent to the DCT6412 fast enough to recognize a multi-digit channel number.


          I can't see any setting on the DCT6412 to make the inter digit timer longer.


          The DCT6412 remote supplied by Slingbox must somehow know to deliver the digits fast enough to allow 2 or 3 digit channel selection. The custom remote does not. I tried all the advanced options on the Slingbox setup for the remote but I can't see any difference. This seems to be either a bug or not be supported.