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    Audio but no video on HD channels only


      I am hoping someone can help me with a problem that started last week.  Here is what I have:


      Slingbox Pro-HD


      Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2

      Browsers: Firefox 3.6.25 and Safari 5.1.2


      Up until recently, I had no issues with my slingbox.  Now, when I try to tune to an HD channel, I get audio but no video.  This includes DVR content that was recorded off of HD channels.  I can tune to a non-HD channel and I get good audio and video.  I can use the remote to go to my DVR content and once I start a show, it will either have no video straightaway, or it will play for a minute and then lose the video.  I have this issue with both Firefox and Safari.


      I also figured out that if I use the Pop-Up player, I can get the Slingplayer to play the video and audio for HD channels and HD DVR content.  The problem here is that the quality is much worse than playing the content in the main screen.


      I use my MacBook, connected to a flat screen TV as an external monitor using the mini-display port to HDMI.  I have been using Firefox 3.6.25, because with OS X Lion, I didn't like that the TV had to be my main monitor in order to use full screen.  Also, when using the new version (or when using Safari), when you go full screen in Lion, I didn't like that it made my MacBook useless.  I like to put Firefox on the TV and use the laptop, while I watch TV.


      Why would this happen?  My Slingbox software is up to date.  The Sling Player plug in is current.  The connection to the Slingbox doesn't appear to be a problem, since I'm getting good content on non-HD channel.  The no-video problem only occurs on HD channels.