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    Power (not network light) is blinking


      I had my Slingbox working OK for months, but recently it stopped working.


      When I look at it, the Power light blinks about 60 times over the course of about 90 seconds, then the light stays off for about 2 minutes, then the cycle starts over again. The Network light is off.


      If I try to power it off then on again, it still does the same thing. If I try to press Reset for 10 seconds, it still does the same flashing sequence.


      Any ideas what this means?





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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi David,



          This is a shot in the dark, but I wonder if you have a bad power supply ?  I've read a number of posts here and elsewhere where folks are having issues with their power adapters, blinking lights appears to be a symptom.  I can't say that this is your problem, but it's a reasonable place to start.



          Unless you happen to have the appropriate test equipment, the only way I know to check that is to see what happens with a known-working PS.  And that of course assumes there's no other hardware failures.



          The power specs are in the user guide which can be downloaded HERE (look on the right side of the page).



          Here's a clip of the relevant section:

          Pro HD-Solo PS and Polarity Specs.png



          Good luck,


          - Az