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    My Slingbox Pro HD wont sling over 100kbps? Very choppy



      I have been enjoying my slingbox for over 2.5 years now with no major problem. My slingbox HD Pro is set up in USA and i have a slingcatcher setup in Malaysia. I have never got super fast speeds, usually around 1000 to 1200kbps on a good day. I will take what i can get.


      Just the other day my slingbox wont sling over 100kbps and usually drops even lower. It freezes and cant keep up with the stream. Its basically unwatchable. Would anyone know how to solve this issue? I tested my speed in Malaysia and it has a constant download speed around 10mbps. I have reset my slingbox and router in USA, but it hasnt made a difference. Its running on ATT Uverse Max plan on a Motoroalla VIP 1200 router.


      Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.