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    Slingbox Solo:


      Slingbox Solo freezes after being on for 20 seconds.  We were advised might be capacitors, so bought new slingbox solo unit.  Technician came to install and said that was not our problem.  Said dsl speed was not fast enough.  We have highest speed available for our area, and it has worked in the past?  Why would it be a problem now?  Any suggestions?  Have paid technician to come out and no real solutions yet....

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          Hi Billyr,


          I understand the network issues that you are experiencing with the Slingbox. First, we need to know if you already tested the Slingbox in a different location using another router; this could be caused by a network restriction at your home. Testing the Slingbox in another location, will determine if there is a network issue or if the trouble is with the Slingbox and the power supply.


          I recommend performing all the steps that you can find here:


          Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


          Also, another step that you can try to perform is to reset the router at home and power cycle the Slingbox, it could work.