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    Slingb Pro built in TV-tuner


      The  built in tuner can manage analoge signals and also digital signals of the free Antenna type DVB-T. It is OK if you are watching TV over your own private TV antenna. In Denmark the problem is that digital signals over cable TV are of the type DVB-C, and all the channels are also sent analog analog as well over cable, but in a not so good quality.

      If it shall be good TV quality you therefore need a buit in receiver for DVB-C. I therefore ask for the possibility of making an electronic update of the tuner in the Slingbox Pro device. Would that be possible in some way, so that you could choose that possibility at home, download it and install it.

      Yours Karsten V. Nielsen, Denmark, Phone +4540363285 and mail: karstennielsen@hotmail.com.