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    Must PC be physically present to connect SB to new router?


      I'm on work assignment abroad (enjoying Slingbox TV on my iMac) and my SB is at a friend's house back home. His cable company just replaced the router back home and now my SB will not connect to the Internet.


      No problem for him to reset the new router or set a static IP address to the SB. However, if the SB can connect to the new router and I run through the Setup program again does my iMac have to be physically present in the SB location to get it to connect again? If so, I'm screwed.


      Anybody have any advice?

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          callanish Apprentice

          yes, re-running the setup has to be done at the slingbox location, but if you can create a free account from logmein, then from there provide him with a link to install the software from logmein onto his computer, you could take over his computer temporarily at your slingbox location allowing you to run the sling setup from where ever you are to make the slingbox functional again.




          I connect remotely to my home network using this setup if I need to change any settings on my slingbox. It's worth at least trying if you run out of options.


          .......or if he's tech savvy enough and he probably is if he can set a static IP address, just get him to go through the setup process on his end once you've provided him with your sling account info and talk him through the setup. Any computer can run the sling setup as long as it's on the home network.