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    Resetproblem / No network

    mattab Newbie

      Hi, today when coming home I could not watch my SB Pro-HD theCode:W200 came up indicating communication problem with my SB. On the SB the Power Lamp lit with full intensity and the Network lamp is just glowing with low intense. I tried several times to reset the SB without success (nothing happen at all). The lamps continues to lit as described. I made power offs, various lengts in pressing the rest button, restarted the Router several times etc. etc. My router indicate - no contact with the SB since the designated IP which was designated to the SB doesn't come up. So also the information received when trying to Watch as W200 saying make sure your SB is connected to the internet.

      How to do? Could it possibly the AC adapter or is the SB out of order???

      Would be utterly grateful for ideas and answers!

      Thanks in advance!


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          mattab Newbie

          Many thanks Chakkarinen and all others whom have read abot my problems. I now found out (thanks to the Forum) that my Power Adaptor was malfunctioning and I went to one of our Swedish local shops (Clas Ohlsson) and bought a new one for Sek 399 abt. EUR 45. Installing the new one it was like magic!=) the SB started immediately to work!

          Happily this happened while being at home for a short while before going abroad for another session!

          Many thanks for the valuable Forum and the headline Power problems....!!!

          Now I will enjoy my TV network again!