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    Expert Help Required


      My Slingbox PRO-HD is located in the UK. I'm connecting to it from Australia.


      When I connect directly to my cable modem Ethernet port (there is only 1 Ethernet connection available on the modem) using an ethernet cable I get a good streaming speed of ~1800kbps.


      If I introduce a router (connected to the same Ethernet port) my streaming speed drops to ~50kbps.


      Here's what I've tried to do to fix/fault find:


      Reset my Slingbox PRO-HD and Virgin Media Super Hub to factory default setting and running through setup. - No Change

      Open UDP Port 5001 Close TCP Port 5001 on the Virgin Media Super Hub - Streaming speed increases to ~700kbps

      Adding the connecting device to the reserved IP address list on the Router DHCP lease. - No Change

      Turning off Router(s) firewall(s)/Add my device to the DMZ both in UK and Australia - No change

      Turning off/on QoS setting on Router(s) - No Change


      Contacted my broadband provider in Australia. - They have replaced the Cable modem and tested the line.

      Contacted tech support for all Router manufacturers - They have little technical knowledge!

      Contacted Sling support - They can connect with a streaming speed of ~1900kbps from Holland. They have tried changing the MTU. - No Change


      I'm close to giving up on Sling!


      Here are the details of my setup:


      In the UK:

      Slingbox PRO-HD with the latest firmware.

      Virgin Media Super Hub.

      Virgin Cable 30Mb Down 3Mb Up


      In Australia:

      Makbook Pro with the lated Slingplayer Plugin and Slingplayer Desktop App

      Windows Laptop/Desktop with the latest Slingplayer Plugin.


      Cisco DPQ3212 Cable modem

      Routers tried:

      Dlink N300 Model DIR 632

      Belkin N300 Model F9K1002AU


      Netgear Cable Modem Router CG300


      Optus Cable broadband

      Line speed is 18.45 Mbps (18453 kbps).
      Download speed is 2.25 MB/s (2307 KB/s).


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When you connect your computer directly to the ethernet port on your cable modem, you get super fast speeds.  And in this case, I assume that computer is the ONLY device that can access the signal from your cable modem.   But when you add a router to the path, your computer could be sharing access with other devices.   And if you are using a wireless connection between your computer and this router, the speeds may not be anywhere near as fast as the direct connection of the computer to the cable modem, since most routers typically drop their wireless speeds down (from N to G or even to B) to match the LOWEST speed of any device connected to the router.


          So, you might try testing the upload and download speeds of a computer connected to this added router by visiting such sites as www.bandwidthplace.com


          And also check your routers tables to see if any other devices are hooking up to your router and stealing all the bandwidth.


          But I suspect that the problem is something in the default setup conditions of the router that is throttling the throughput so drastically -- perhaps a check with the forums at placeshiftingenthusiasts (where perhaps more of the true computer networking experts hang out) might provide a solution.